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Autographs Album "StraightUp" by Badfinger.Signed on the front cover by each member of the band
Bank Note A one million apple note from the Bank of Apple
Business Card Apple at Saviile Row, London
Business Card Apple at 94 Baker Street, London
Catalogue An Apple rates catalogue
Catalogue Apple catalogue from 1973
Change of Address Card relocation of Apple to Saville Row, London.
Cheque Three unused National westminster Bank cheques; one for Harrisongs Ltd., one for Apple Corps Ltd., and the last for Apple Films Ltd.
Cheque Proof A proof copy of the design of the Apple Corps Limited cheque which was sent  by the National Westminster Bank Ltd. to John Kosh for his approval along with a letter dated 9th June 1972 confirming various details of the cheque design. Aug 1994 375
Invitation For Freda Kelly & guest to attend the Apple Christmas party on 21st December 1973
Letter From the Apple Press office regarding an LP released by EMI in Italy.