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Apple six inch tall green apple made from foam. Sept 1994 180
Bank Note A one million apple note.    
Brass Apple An extremely rare and almost unique Brass Apple, believed to be presented to Apple staff personally by The Beatles as a 'Thank You' gift following the breakup of the company. From around 1969/70. Seperates in the middle to form two hollow halves. Measures approx 5" high to top of stem by 4" wide. The stem is threaded and can be detached from the apple by unscrewing it. Only 100 of these brass apples were produced. Dec 2003 1,725
Bumper Sticker "A is for Apple" black, white and green car bumper sticker. Sept 1994 25
Cigarette Box Lucite cigarette box. Black base with a clear lid. The lid has the apple logo on it. Box measures 4"x4"x2". Dec 2005 700
Clothes Tag Tag from the inside of Apple garment    
Core Pendant Apple core pendant leather necklace. Oct 2001 900
Dartboard 18" diameter dartboard with "Apple Records" at the top and the bullseye is in the shape of a green apple. Dec 2005 3,500
Floor display "Fresh From Apple" Six foot tall - advertising Elephant's Memory, Mary Hopkins,Lon & Derek Van Eaton, Billy Preston and David Peel. Dec 1999 120
Incense Sticks Set of 20 incense sticks manufactured by devotees of Krishna. Advertsing the Radha Krishna Temple Album Oct 2001 120
Lighter chrome lighter made by Zippo with the Apple logo on the side, in original box with guarantee card. Mar 2006 600
Matches Four books of matches still sealed in original packaging. Sticker on the reverse of the boxes reads " Wishing You a very merry Xmas and a Happy New Year" Dec 2005 250
Matches Two boxes of matches still sealed in original packaging    
Mirror 14"x12" mirror with Apple logo Mar2004 1,100
Moneyclip Stainless steel money clip with silver Apple logo May 2006 750
Moneyclip Stainless steel money clip with orange, yellow and green Apple logo Oct 2001 300
Mug White mug with Apple Boutique and Apple logo on the side. Feb 1999 190
Paperweight Clear dome shaped paperweight made of lucite with Apple logo inside. Dec 2005 1,000
Playing Cards Unused set with white border and green background in a hard plastic case Dec 1996 120
Pressbook "Beatles....A Little Book" Sept 1994 30
Promo Record Set "Our First Four" presentation pack containing the first four Apple singles. Each in coloured folder in black presentation case    
Record Crate Wooden storage crate measuring 14"x18" designed to hold albums. Large 9"x 11"labels on each end of the crate with a picture of three apples  and the words 'Grown and Packaged on Apple Records, London, England. Apple Records is stamped in black on the side. Dec 2010 700
Record Shipping Box complete and containing 25 mint 45s of Badfinger's "Day after Day". All in black Apple sleeves. Green apple on side of shipping box. April 2002 155
Record Shipping Box used to contain 24 7" singles of Apple No. 5498 "Yesterday/Act Naturally".Early 1970s.    
Wallet Black plastic wallet from Apple Crps.