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Christmas Card

An original christmas card measuring 11"x7 1/2" from the Apple record company for Christmas 1969. Not available for sale, it was sent to friends and company associates. It pictures the staff in their younger days on the front, and shows them as they were in December '69 on the back. The inside features a large Apple and some of the lyrics to the Beatles song "In My Life". The front and back also have the wording " Goodbye to the Sixties and Fifties and all, and a Happy Christmas from Apple. Feb 2003 400
Christmas Card Artist's cartoon style sketch on the front.    
Christmas Card Picture of a tree on the front of the card. Sept 1994 45
Christmas Card 'From Apple'. Cover shows a Robin with the words “Wishing you a merry Christmas”. Cardboard card opens to 11"x4-1/2”. Has a printed message and a poem by Dylan Thomas “A Childs Christmas in Wales”. Back says Made In The Cosmos June 2004 365
Compiments slip Complinents slip for Apple Corps with the Saville Row address Sept 1994 20
Envelope Measuring 12"x12" with the Apple logo on the front Sept 1994 10
Memo Pad A  14 sheet memo pad with Apple logo Sept 1994 75
Note Paper Apple Corps headed note paper with watermark from the Saville Row address Sept 1994 5
Note Paper Apple Films headed note paper Sept 1994 10
Postcard Front picture of postcard shows recording instruments housed in glass containers. Back advertises The Plastic Ono Band's release of "Give Peace A Chance"    
Postcard Front picture of postcard replicates the front cover of the book, 'Beatles.....a little book' Sept 1994 10
Pressbook Beatles.....a little book measuring 10 3/4"x7 1/2", the book contains, among other things, discographies and biographies of various Apple artists Sept 1994 30
Record Label Apple Corps Ltd. record label Sept 1994 15
Record Label Apple Corps Inc. record label Sept 1994 15
Tape Box Label Apple Studios peel-off tape box label Sept 1994 45