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Monday 10th February 1964

An invitation from United Artists Corporation to attend the first American press conference with The Beatles in the Baroque Room at The Plaza Hotel, New York

Monday 6th July 1964

A Press Show invitation for the film A Hard Day's Night at the Leicester Square Theatre on Monday at 10.30am. This was prior to the Royal Premiere the same evening.

Friday 10th July 1964

For Freda Kelly, secretary of the Beatles Fan Club, to attend a reception for the Beatles preceding the premiere of A Hard Day's Night at the Town Halll, Liverpool.

Nov 2001 825
Friday 10th July 1964

For Mr & Mrs Owen to attend a supper party immediately after the Northern premiere of A Hard Day's Night. 

Friday 10th July 1964.

To the Brian Epstein press conference at Liverpool Airport, Speke at 5.15 p.m.

Sunday 20th September 1964.

For a charity evening in aid of Cerebral Palsy, titled "An Evening With The Beatles" at the New York Paramount Theatre

10th February 1964

To the first American Press conference given by the Beatles at The Plaza Hotel, New York. From United Artists Corp for the film 'A Hard Day's Night' .

Nov 2002 1,500
18th November 1963

To a lunchtime cocktail party held by the directors of EMI Records Ltd. in honour of the Beatles on  signed by John, Paul, George and Ringo.



14th August 1966

Empire Room, Parlor Floor, Sheraton-Cleveland Hotel, Cleveland at 5.45pm. Ticket No. 88 sponsored by WIXY 1260

21st December 1969

An unused invitation to a 'Magical Mystery Tour' fancy dress party at the Royal Lancaster Hotel, London.

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