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Letter Dated 5th February 1964 from United Artists Corporation. Invitation to the first American press conference with The Beatles at the Plaza Hotel, New York    
Letter Two letters, one dated 25th August 1964, from WMCa to a Miss Magrone, winner of the WMCA Beatles Contest with the prize being two tickets to the Forest Hills Music Festival on 28th August 1964.    
Letter &  Mail Order Form Dated 20th August 1964 from Atlantic Steel Pier relating to concert on 30th August 1964  in the Convention Hall    
Letter Dated 16th May 1966 from WIXY Radio repurchasing of tickets by mail for the Beatles concert at Cleveland Stadium on 14th August 1966    
Letter To MIss Kristine Carlson from CBS apologising for not being able to issue her with tickets for the Ed Sullivan Show on 14th August 1965.    
Letter To Freda Kelly from Ringo's mum about forwarding fan letters.     
Letter Addressed to the Beatles from the headmistress of The Convent of The Ladies of Mary in Guildford requesting a possible concert. Dated 4th Nov 1963    
Letter From the National Secretary of the The Beatles Fan Club, Freda Kelly. Laying out the programme of events for the "Double Feature"show at the Hanover Grand on 17th December 1967 of the Magical Mystery Tour and The Beatles at Shea Stadium.    
Letter Addressed to Selmur Productions at American Broadcasting Company, authorizing them to forward any cheques and payments to General Artsist Corporation. Signed by Brian Epstein in blue ballpoint. Measures 8 1/2" x 11"    
letter Addressed to Jack Fallon of Cana Variety Agency and dated 4th October 1962. Brian Epstein enquiring about future Beatles engagements.    
letter Addressed to Jack Fallon of Cana Variety Agency and dated 23rd October 1962. Brian Epstein informing him of the latest Beatles chart position etc.    
Letters Relating to The Ed Sullivan Show on 16th February 1964. Dec 2005 400
Letter From the Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, explaining the availability of tickets for the Beatles show on the 17th August 1965    
Letter From Tony Barlow at NEMS Enterprises Ltd, giving details of press conferences and identification passes for the Beatles' August 1966 US Tour.    
Letter Addressed to Mr. Baldamar from Wendy Hanson, Personal Assistant to Brian Epstein. On Hotel Fenix, Madrid notepaper saying. The enclosed tickets for tonights concert  ( 2nd July 1965 )are with Mr Epstein's compliments.    
Letter From the manager of the Odeon Theatre, Glassgow returning payment after a request for tickets for the Beatles performance on 21st October 1964 was turned down because both performances had already sold out!    
Letter Dated 31st August 1966 from Long Beach Police to the Security Chief at Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles.Details about damaged and lost articles as a result of crowd control at the concert on Sunday 28th August 1966.