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BBC 1955-1963 A tribute to Jim Davidson from the artistes who appeared at the Royal Albert Hall between 1955 and 1963. Autugraphed by various artistes, including the Beatles.
Biographies Set of four 1964 biographies issued by a local fan club.
Conceptual Artwork A cartoon strip by Bob Gibson fpr the single sleeve The Magical Mystery Tour in 1967 for EMI Records. Comprising 5 alternative story boards in pen ink and gouache, measuring 6 3/4"x6 3/4". Framed in common mount with printed artwork for the single. May 1994 3,300
Coupon Issued by Heinz offering individual life size photos of the Beatles
Engagement Listing

A typewritten listing for Beatles appearances made from July through to September 1962. Listing comes with a terse message from Brian Epstein to try and encourage the Beatles into giving a more polished performance.

Sept 1997 450
Envelope From two letters, one dated 25th August 1964, from WMCa to a Miss Magrone, winner of the WMCA Beatles Contest with the prize being two tickets to the Forest Hills Music Festival on 28th August 1964.
Illegitamte Child Claim Flyer Flyer written, printed and handed out by the Uncle of Anita Cochrane claiming Paul McCartney as the father.
Newspaper - Mersey Beat Original copy of the "Mersey Beat" newspaper, Volume 1 - Number 13 ( January 4-18 1962)."Beatles Top Poll" issue measuring approx. 12 3/4"x9 3/4". March 2003 2,650
Order Form Wholesale order form for the 1964 book "Love Letters to the Beatles" by Bill Adler.
Order of Service From Brian Epstein's funeral on 17th October 1967.
Performance Return Sheet For the Fisrt and Second house performances at Colston Hall on 10th November 1964 showing details of bookings taken for that day.
Press Release For "The Beatles at Shea Stadium" Documentary to be shown on BBC1 at 8pm, Tuesday, 1st March 1966.  A four page release promoting full performance of 1965 Shea Stadium show. Forword by Tony Barrow.
Press Release A swedish press release from EMI regarding the concerts and appearances in Sweden from 23rd  to 30th October 1963
Press Release Variety Club of Great Britain - for the presentation of its 1963 'Showbiz Awards' held on 19th March 1964
Promotional Postcard issued by the Athena International, London
Promotional Postcard issued by the Odeon   & EMI for BRAVO
Receipt from Frank Hessy Music stockist for a pair of drum sticks bought for Pete Best
Receipt from United Cerebral Palsy of New York for the admission and contribution towards " An Evening With The Beatles" on 20th September 1964 at the New York Paramount Theatre.
Shopping List written by Neil Aspinall detailing each of the group's wants. Includes cough sweets, razor blades and aftershave
Shipping Label From Capitol Records. Sent to Miss Magrone, one of the winners of the WMCA Beatles contest. Prize included two tickets to Forest Hills Music Festival on the 28th August 1964,  a promo copy of Something New and a copy of the Love Letters to the Beatles book.
Souvenir Programme From the Sahara Hotel, Las Vegas where the Beales stayed when performing iu Las Vegas on 20th August 1964