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Transaction Price($) at latest update
Campaign Press Book 14 page Campain Book promoting the release of their first film    
Flyer French flyer produced by United Arists promoting the film. Feb 1997 60
Flyer measuring 8" x 10". Black and blue print on white background    
Flyer Pale blue with black print. Advertising showing at the Prairie drive-in theatre in Dumas,Texas for August 26th-29th 1964    
Invitation for Freda Kelly, secretary of the Beatles Fan Club, to attend a reception for the Beatles preceding the premiere on Friday 10th July 1964 at the Town Halll, Liverpool.    
Invitation For Mr & Mrs Owen to attend a supper party at the Adelphi Hotel, Liverpool immediately after the Morthern premiere of the film.    
Invitation to the Brian Epstein press conference at Liverpool Airport, Speke at 5.15 p.m. on Friday 10th July 1964    
Lobby Cards A set of eight black & white cards Issued by United Artists. Each measures 10x8"    
Poster One sheet poster advertising A Hard Day's Night. Produced by Robert Burton Pty. Ltd. Linen Backed and framed. Mar 1993 130
Souvenir Programme Danish eight page programme published by United Artists    
Souvenir Programme Published by Program Publishing Co NY in 1964.Sold for 55c at cinemas where the film was being shown or directly from the publshers. Programme measures 8 1/4" by 10 1.2".    
Souvenir Book Official 36 page United Artists pictorial souveneir book published by Whitman Publshing Co. Wisconsin measuring 11 3/4" by 8 1/4".    
Souvenir Programme Swedish programme published by Atlantic Publishing Corp. Ltd. in Germany    
Ticket Voucher for two free reserved seats at either the Odeon, Gaumont or Rank theatre.    
Ticket For the Grand Charity Performance Northern Premiere on Friday 10th July 1964 at the Odeon Cinema, Liverpool.    
Ticket Special Matinee performance at the New Royal Theatre, Polk and California Steets on Wednesday, 12th August 1964 at 4pm. Ticket no. 664