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Abbey Road Promotional Poster Abbey Road promotional poster measuring 23"x33". From 1969. Printed on textured stock paper and depicting the reverse side of the album cover. Lower left hand corner indicates that the album is available in both record and tape format. June 2005 750
A Hard Day's Night Promotional Poster Red, white and black promotional Poster from 1964 for the Album A Hard Day's Night from United Artists measuring 12"x14"which reads 'Now In Stock, Original Motion Picture Soundtrack'. June 2001 1,000
A&BC Beatles Bubble Gum Poster Colour poster reads 'A & BC Bubble Gum and Autographed Wallet Sized Photos'. Picture of the Beatles with their signatures on the poster  measuring 13 1/2"x17 3/4". Sept 2000 4,000
Advertisement Inside a Radio City Music Hall programme ( Rockefeller Center New York ) tickets for the Shea Stadium Beatles concert on August 23rd 1966  are advertised for sale through SINGER    
Advertisement On a Gerry & The Pacemakers   4th May 1963 ticket for the Imperial Ballroom, Nelson performance on the 11th May 1963    
Advertisement Inside a Steel Pier programme for the Atlantic City Stadium featuring various artists including the Rolling Stones but not the Beatles. The advert is for the concert at the John F.Kennedy Stadium, Philiadelphia on 16th August 1966.    
Advertisement within a programme for the Rediffusion Mod Ball featuring various artists including the Rolling Stones but not the Beatles at the Empire Pool, Wembley on 8th April 1964.    
Advertisement full page advert on the Inside back cover of a magazine for a set of six 8x10 full colour pictures of the Beatles.    
Album Advertisement full page advert for Beatles albums released by Capitol Records in 1964 and 1965.    
Apple Promotional Banner Red, black & white banner measuring 7"x17" featuring each of the Beatles eating and apple and the wording "Look who's joined the Apple Club Now! End a meal with an apple it's nature's toothbrush"    
Apple Records Promotional Christmas Mobile An Apple records mobile from Christmas 1969, advertising the Beatles album catalogue from Rubber Soul until Abbey Road. A series of squares hung from the ceiling with the words "Hung up for a gift? Give the Beatles" written on the top square April 2001 560
Beatles Badges Promotional Flyer Red lettering on a light blue background Advertising Beatle Badges for 7/6.    
Beatles Bar  Ice Cream Promotoinal Flyer Colour flyer printed by Litho promoting the Beatle Bar ice cream bars.  Has a picture of the Beatles and an ice cream box  and Measures 7.5cm x 23cm. This flyer was used for shop freezer point of sale display. Oct 2001 650
Beatles Box
Promotional Leaflet
Eight page leaflet promoting the The Beatles Box from World Records. The Beatles Box is an 8 album box set which was only obtainable via mail order in 1980. May 1997 30
Beatles Brush Promotional Flyer Promotional Flyer advertising   'The One and Only Original Beatle Brush'. Two sided flyer with black & red writing on a pink and white bckground measuring 8 1/2"x11" Dec 2003 345
Beatles Buttons Promotional Flyer Promotional Flyer advertising '9 different Beatles Buttons'. One sided flyer with black & red lettering on a white and pink background. These were sent out to retailers in 1964. Flyer measures 8 1/2"x11 April 2003 325
Beatles Calendar & Beatles Poster Two advertisements in Teen Screen Magazine - one for a calendar featuring a full colour pinup of the Beatles and one for  full colour London Palladium poster.    
Beatles Dolls Promotional Flyer Black and red lettering on a white background advertising the 'Beatles Dolls' and the 'Beatles Mascot', manufactured by Remco. Flyer measures 14"x9". June 2004 800
Beatles Fab Four Brooch Newspaper advertisement for the Fab Four Brooch containing 12 photographs of the Beatles    
Beatles Hummer Promotional Poster Poster showing Beatles standing in a doorway and below it reads 'Hum along with the Beatles, Get Your Official Beatle Hummer' One poster came with each box of hummers Poster measures 20" x 11 1/4"   Sept 2,000 3,000
Beatles Maniacs Promotional Flyer Flyer sent out by mail from Beatle Maniacs - PO Box 11, Hollywood, California advertising for sale, The Remco Dolls, Beatles Nylon Stretch Headband, Beatle Booster Button and Personally Autographed 8"x10" Glossy Pictures. Flyer measures 11"x8 1/2" when open. Folded three times with address on the outside. Dec 1998 70
Beatles Monthly Promotional Flyer Lime green flyer measuring 9" x 5 3/4"advertising the sale of the July copy of Beatles Monthly    
Beatles Sweat & T-shirt Advertisement Gertz Newspaper advert for authentic Beatles Swetshirts and tee shirts    
Bobbin' Head Dolls Promotional Flyer A flyer measuring 8"x10" advertising the 8" version of the Beatles Bobbin' Head Dolls. mfd. by Carmascot Inc May 1999 1,150
Capitol Records Promotional Poster Advertising All You Need Is Love/Baby & You're a Rich Man by the Beatles. Measuring 11"x15 1/2" and featuring a colour portrait of The Beatles    
Car Bumper Stickers Advertising the Beatles concert at The Rizal Memorial Football Stadium in Manila on 4th July 1966    
Coat Hangrs Promotioual Flyer Black and white flier advertisng 'personality hangers'. Produced by Saunders Enterprises, London.    
Concert Advertisement On the back of a "Fancy Free' programme for Westgate Pavilion, Margate. Advertsing the Beatles concerts at Winter Gardens,Margate  from the 8th  - 13th July 1963.    
Concert Advertisement two advertisements for the concert on 19th August 1966 at the Mid-south Coliseum.    
Great Pop Prom Advertisement  Advert for The Great Pop Prom at the Royal Albert Hall on Sunday 15th September 1963. Taken from the magazine, Valentine (31st August 1963)    
Hey Jude Stand-up Promotional Display Counter display for Hey Jude from 1970. Made of cardborad and when assembled stands up and measures 12"x16". Shows picture of album and list of songs Nov 2000 450
Hohner Harmonica Promotional Flyer Fold out flyer for the Beatles Hohner Harmonica Kit being sold for $2.99 each. May 2002 5,000
Holiday Inn Promotional Flyer Rare 1964 14"x7" Holiday Inn flyer. Black print on yellow paper " A Gift from your Holiday Inn Keeper". Only about 117 are thougt to exist. These flyers were given away to patrons in some East Coast of America Holiday Inns in 1964 Jun 2009 800
Hummer Advertising Poster Poster measuring 20"x11" advertising the Beatle Hummer. Details of the Hummer along with a colour picture of the Beatles in a doorway are on the poster. Sept 2000 3,500
Lybro Jeans Promotional Flyer Two sided flyer with each of the Beatles wearing different style Lybro jeans. Oct 2001 300
Long sleeved T-shirt advertisement

A4 sheet advertising a long-sleeved T-shirt with a picture of the Beatles on the front. Inserted in some of the  Swedish programmes during their 1964 tour.    

Oct 1998 90
Love Letters to the Beatles Promotional Poster Purple & white in store poster measuring 12"x12" advertisng the sale of the 1964 book "Love Letters to the Beatles" by Bill Adler. Original cost of the book was 8'6d    
Ludwig Drum Kit Advertisement Congratulations to Ringo Star and the Beatles on your triumphal U.S. Tour from Ludwig. Picture of Ringo sitting at his Ludwig Drum Set.    
Medal Purchase Form Orange, black and white two-sided form advertising sale of  Beatles Medals manufactured by Modern Medals, Ltd, U.K.
Melody Maker Promotional Flyer Flyer measuring 10"x15" advertsing the Melody Maker Pop Thirty for the week of 13th January 1968. Beatles at No.1 with Magical Mystery Tour. Oct 2001 100
Minature Beatles Newspaper Advertisement Advertising growing minature Beatles!    
Programme Insert White one sided programme insert of the Beatles 1964 Chicago visit advertising coming attractions in the City by Triangle Productions.    
Promotional Flyer Swedish two sided advertisng flyer for various singles, eps and albums measuring 5 3/4 x 8 1/2"    
Promotional Flyer 7 Up advertising flyer for two thousand free tickets to the Beatles Concert at White Sox Park on Friday August 20th 1965.    
Promotional Flyer Name the Cartoon contest   - to win a trip to New Zealand.    
Promotional Flyer CHUM Hit Parade for the week of 27th July 1964. Advertising the showing of "A Hard Day's Night" on 12th August  1964 at various Odeon cinemas.    
Promotional Flyer
Parlophone advertising flyer to add "Outstanding Records for your collection'. This flyer advertised 'Please Please Me' amongst its selection. Green lettering on a cream background measuring 10"x8" Mar 2002 100
Promotional Flyer
Parlophone advertising flyer to add "Outstanding Records for your collection'. This flyer advertised 'With The Beatles' amongst its selection. Black lettering on a cream background measuring 10"x8" Mar 2002 100
Parlophone Records promotional poster Orange, black and white promotional poster measuring 15"x12". Poster was used to promote bothe the "Please Please Me" and "With the Beatles" albums in 1963.  Black and white Dezzo Hoffman pose on an orange background. "The Beatles Parlophone Records" written in the bottom left of the poster. One of 250 found  amongst the estate  of a former EMI Executive after his death. Aug 2006 850
Promotional Postcard A blck & white postcard featuring a photograph of the Beatles promoting the Ritz Ballroom in Manchester.    
Pom Pom Promotional Poster "We Have Official Beatles Pom Poms"  written on the poster in addition to the faces of the Beatles and their autographs. Black writing on a red background Dec 2002 1,250
Pom Pom Promotional Display Red, black and white cardboard display with "Official Beatle Pom Pom" written on the front as well as the Beatles faces and their autographs. Display measures 26"x16" and is easel-backed May 1999 950
Revell Model Kit Promotional Poster For Revell Model Kits of the Beatles. Posters measure 25 1/2' x 11 and show  Ringo & Paul on either side of the poster with the words Build the Beatles in the middle. Sept 2000 4,500
Revell Model Kit Promotional Poster For Revell Model Kits of the Beatles. Posters measure 25 1/2' x 11 and show  George & John on either side of the poster with the words Build the Beatles in the middle. Sept 2000 4,500
Revell Model Kit Promotional Flyer Two sided flyer advertising the Ringo (pink) and Paul (orange) kits. Flyer measures 11x 8 1/2" and comes from a Revell Salesman Binder. Jan 2003 300
Rubber Soul Promotional Poster Brown and white promotional poster for the 1965 album Rubber Soul. Poster measures 22"x34" . Poster has the words "Great for Giving! Or Just Groovy Listening!" written at the bottom. Dec 2005 1,500
Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band Promotional Poster British EMI promotional poster for the Beatles album Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band measuring 18"x25". The poster reads 'New Beatles LP Here Now' June 2006 3,700
Sunglasses Store Display Poster Paper poster advertising black wrap around sunglasses manufactured by Solarex measuring 18"x6". Blue background with a picture of the Beatles faces in the centre. Sept 2000 5,000
Ticket To the Imperial Ballroom, Nelson on 20th July 1963 (Welcome Home Night for The Rainmakers), advertising the sale of Beatles tickets for their performance there on 31st July 1963.    
Twist and Shout Promotional Flyer Two-sided flyer advertising the Beatles on one side with  'Twist & Shout' and on the reverse advertising Gene Vincent to play at the Candie Gardens on 15th August 1963. These flyers were stuck inside the front cover of the generic programme printed for Candie Gardens over that period promoting the following weeks events.    
White Album Promotional Flyer Two-sided flyer advertising the new album 'The Beatles' (the white album) both in mono and stereo for 73/-. Abum can be bought from Empire Stores Limited, Canal Road, Bradford.. Oct 1997 100
Yesterday and Today(Butcher)Album   Promotional Poster 1966 in-store promomtional poster fot the Yesterday and Today Album. Measuring 18"x22", this was the only promotional item advertising the 'butchered' album cover. Original poster comes with word'Incredible' at the top of the poster in Dark red (blood red). Sept 2010 1,800