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Blue Meanie Puppet Hand puppet standing 16" tall with blue fur body and felt face,hands and feet. Puppet stands about 11" tall Sept 2005 500
Corgi Submarine Die-cast metal 5 1/4" long yellow submarine with rotating periscope and pop-up hatches from which the Beatles come out. Manufactured by Corgi.

Sept 2006


Bicycle Ladies/Girls Yellow Submarine bicycle manufactured by Huffy. A yellow coloured 3 speed bike with the seat decorated with a printed design featuring the submarine. May 2005 1,000
Ringo Money Bank A brightly coloured, 8 " tall, papier-mache bank of Ringo from the waist up. It has a coin slot in the back of the head, a rubber plug and two stickers on the bottom ( King Features and Pride Creations ) . Manufactured by Pride Creations.

April 2001


Mobile Cardboard backing board measuring 14 1/4"x9 3/4" from which hangs various coloured cut out characters which are attached to the backing board using a black string (provided). Manufactured by Sunshine Art Studios. Feb 1998 300
Model kit To build for play or display plastic model kit of yellow submarine and includes four 3-D plastic beatles, a decal sheet and instructions on how to aaemble the submarine. Manufactured bty Model Products Corp. Dec 2003 330
Blue Meanie Costume Halloween dress up cotume and mask. The costume is yellow, pink and blue with the Yellow Submarine and the various characters on the front of the main body area. It is packaged in a yelow box measuring 11"x8 1/2" and is manufactured by Collegeville Costumes. May 2005 625