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Bamboo Plate

Measuring 12" in diametre and manufactured by Bamboo Tray Specialist. A picture of the Beatles sitting in Directors chairs, taken from A Hard Day's Night

Aug 1996 100

6" diametre ceramic bowl with fired black and blue pictures of the Beatles on the inside as well as the words 'The Beatles". Manufactured by Washington Pottery.

Aug 1995 75
Brooch Box

Red, white and Black display box measuring 11"x5 3/4"x2". Has the words 'The Fabulous Beatles Jewelry Brooch' written on the sides and the top of the box. Contained 4"plastic guitars.

Jan 2006 650
Candy Dish Set

Set of 4 candy dishes measuring 4 1/2" in diametre. Each dish has a picture of a Beatle in the centre under which is written their christian name. Each dish has gold scalloped edges. Manufactured by Washington Pottery. Dishes are housed in their original date stamped mailing box.

Nov 2003 500

5 1/2" tall glass manufactured for Dairy Queen of Canada. The glass has a gold coloured rim and has a photo of each Beatle in a black starburst.

Nov 2000 150
Glass Set

A set of 4 glasses standing 5 1/2" tall, with gold rimmed tops. Picture of a Beatle on each glass with autograph below each picture. John and Paul signatures are under the wrong picture (switched). Made in Holland

Sept 2003 575
Glass Set

A set of 4 glasses standing 4" tall. Each glass has a different colour picture of a Beatle on it and each glass is gold rimmed. All 4 glasses come housed in a yellow box measuring 16"x6"x3" and opens up to reveal the words 'The Beatles' across the top. Manufactured by Joseph Lang &  Co. Ltd. London.

Jun 2006 1,850
Flip Badge   Display Card with full badge set

Flip badge display card with complete set of 12 flasher flip badges. The yellow cardboard display card measures 14"x11" and was mfd. by Saymore Co. the 12 badges were mfd by Vari-Vue and each measure 2 1/2" in diametre.

Dec 2005 1,250

Side table Beatles lamp with black & White pictures of the Beatles on the shade. The lamp has a ceramic base and a cardboard shade. Shade measures 7"x7". The base measures 3"x3"x5"

June 2004 2,250
Matchbox Cards

Set of 5 coloured  matchbox labels measuring 2"x1 1/2" manufactured by Vlinder of Holland. One of each Beatle and one group photo.

Dec 2000 20

White 6" saucer with picture of the group on the front in blue & black. Manufactured by Mayfair

Toby Jug Set

Set of 4 Royal Doulton character jugs modelled by Stanley James Taylor in 1984, each housed in its original blue box.

Jan 2006 1,300

A portion of towel used by The Beatles at the Hollywood Bowl concet on 23rd August 1964

Wallpaper Roll

Complete unused roll of Beatles wallpaper measuring 21" across with pictures of the Beatles. One repeat section measures 21"x21"

Feb 2006 275
Wall Plaques

Set of four hand painted wall plaques measuring approx. 5"x3" manufactured by Kelsboro Ware. Each plaque depicts the head of one of the Beatles. Made in England. Each plaque has the manufacturers stamp on the reverse.

Feb  2006 2,500