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Bubblegum Dispenser An American bubblegum dispensing machine also containing plastic disc charms. Red base with clear plastic top. Sept 1995 1,000
Candy Glove Puppets Four glove shaped puppets of the Beatles which were packages for four different types of sweets; Liquorice Torpedoes( George Harrison),Mint Imperials(Paul McCartney),Jelly Babies(John Lennon) and Liquorice Allsorts (Ringo Starr).    
Candy Sticks Box Set 4 Boxes used to hold two candy sticks. They measure 1" x 2 1/2" x 3/8' and are manufactured by World Candies Inc. Each box has a picture of one of the Beatles on the front. May 2004 450
Liquorice Record Display Box with 5 liquorice records An orange cardboard box measuring 10"x5 1/2"x2 1/2" housing 36 liquorice records manufactured by Clevedon Confectionery (Blackpool) ltd. Die cut top which folded back into the rear of the box. A set of five liquorice records each housed in a 4" paper sleeve . One paper sleeve has a group picture of the Beatles and the remaining four have pictures of the Beatles individually. June 2008 600