6TH JUNE 1964
Veilinghallen, Blokker

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Poster advertising the Beatles appearance in Blokker

Programme for the Beatles performance at  Blokker, Netherlands


This venue at the Veilinghallen Op Hoop Van Zegan in Blokker, Netherlands on Saturday, 6th June 1964 was part of the Beatles first World Tour, having arrived the previous day from Copenhagen. An unusual venue in that this concert was held at an auction hall in Blokker, Blokker being some 25 miles north of Amsterdam.

Two shows were held with a matinee at 2.30pm and a 8pm evening performance. The matinee was poorly attended, with less than 1/3 of the 7000 seats being bought up, while the evening show was a sell out. Both Beatles performances were preceeded by 8 other acts. These are listed below in appearance order. The Beatles appeared at 4.30pm and 10.05pm during the respective shows with both sets lasting just over 25 minutes.

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Ticket stub for Blokker, Netherlands

2.30pm Matinee

1. De Fancy Five
2. Karin Kent
3. Jack and Bill
4. Herman van Keeken
5. Wanda
6. Don Mercedes and His Improvers

Interval : 15.25 - 15.45pm

7. The Torero's
8. Ciska Peters
9. The Beatles
8.00pm Evening

1. The Hotjumpers  
2. Wanda
3. Candy Kid
4. John Rassel and his Clan
5. Karin Kent
6. Herman van Keeken

Interval : 21.00 - 21.20pm

7. Kwintet Dominique
8. Wanda
9. The Beatles

Following the Beatles second performance of  the evening,  entertainment continued with the Groot Ball, with the performers Kwintet Dominique and The Hotjumpers.

The 1964 World Tour

4th June - KB Hallen, Copenhagen, Denmark
6th June - Veilinghal Op Hoop Van Zegen, Blokker, The Netherlands
9th June - Princess Theatre, Kowloon, Hong Kong
12/13th June - Centennial Hall, Adelaide, Australia
15th-17th June - Festival Hall, Melbourne, Australia
18th-20th June - Stadium, Sydney, Australia
22/23rd June - Town Hall, Wellington, New Zealand
24/25th June - Town Hall, Auckland, New Zealand
26th June - Town Hall, Dunedin, New Zealand
27th June - Majestic Theatre, Christchurch, New Zealand
29/30th June - Festival Hall, Brisbane, Australia.

Jimmy Nicol replaced Ringo on the first five venues of this tour. Ringo was taken ill during a photo session on the 3rd June and was later taken to hospital with tonsillitis. Ringo made his first appearance on this tour on Monday, 15th June in Melbourne.