Concert/Tour Posters & Handbills



Posters Handbills / Flyers
The Package Deal The Package Deal Big Band
Paddy, Klaus & Gibson
The Pale Fountains Pacific
The Panthers Pallas
Graham Parker & The Shot Pan Yue Jen Troupe
Van Dyke Parks Panic at the Disco
Robert Palmer The Paramounts
John Peel Graham Parker & the Rumour
Pere Ubu Ottilie Patterson
Pet Shop Boys Patto
Peter & Gordon Tom Payton
Peter & the Test Tube Babies John Peel
Mark Peters and the Cyclones Pendragon
Mark Peters & the Silhouettes Penetration
Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers Lynne Perri
PFM Persuasions
Phaze Peter & Gordon
Phoney & the Hardcore Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
The Photos Mark Peters and the Silouettes
Pink Fairies The Phaze
Pink Floyd Phlorescent Leech & Eddie
The Pirates Pink Floyd
Pitti Polak Pinkertons Assorted Colours
Piu Piu
Robert Plant The Pirates
Plastic Ono Band Player
The Playn Jayn The Plazents
The Pogues (Pogue Mahones) Poco (13th & 14th October)
Andy Polaris The Pogues
Jean-Luc Ponty The Police
Iggy Pop Brian Poole and the Tremeloes
The Pop Group Poor Richard's Almanac
Ze Popes Iggy Pop
Mark Poppins Pop will Eat Itself
P J Powers Post Materialists
Billy Preston Keith Powell and the Valets (with Mel Ford)
Earl Preston and the TTs The Prefects
The Pretty Things Earl Preston and the TT's
The Primevals The Pretty Things
Prince Alan Price Set
The Proclaimers The Red Price Band
Psycamesh The Red Price Combo
Punishment of Luxury The Prodigy
Psychedelic Stooges